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These are answers from previous quizzes that I personally find funny enough to put here.
These are not meant to embarrass, I'm sure that these are the result of an excellent sense of humour.

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Barack Obama's best selling book is called 'The Audacity of..' what? hillary clinton
Who discovered and opened Tutankhamun's tomb in 1922? tony robinson
Of what is homichlophobia a fear of? hard quiz questions
What item were Jason and the Argonauts looking for? ps3 games
Who wrote "Goodbye Mr Chips"? Mrs. Fish
Which nickname did the monsters give the little girl in the film ‘Monsters Inc’? brat
Who wrote "Goodbye Mr Chips"? harry ramsden
Which member of the Muppets always told bad jokes? david beckham
In which sport do teams compete for the Carnegie Challenge Cup? dragqueen racing
In the film “Finding Nemo” what is the name of the friendly shark? Lawyer
What do we call a female fox? foxy
What was the name of Madonna's company founded in 1992? it's not Virgin
Who created Dan Dare? his parents
What is added to coffee to make Caribbean coffee? mushrooms
Which screen monster lived on Odo Island? cookie
If Ken is Barbies boyfriend who is Sindy’s boyfriend? kenthatcheatingbastard
In which film does Dick Van Dyke dance with Penguins? happy feet
What Scandinavian animals are famous for running over cliff tops? reindeer
What is the fifth sign of the Zodiac? Gullibility
Who said "I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I have ever known"? Winston Churchill
In the animated film `Thumbelina`, who sang `Let Me Be Your Wings`? dolly parton
Jack Sprat refused to eat what type of food? brusselsprouts
What do carnivores eat? corpses
Which is the largest of the apes? kong
Who hit a golf shot on the moon? tiger woods
What does AWOL stand for? Alcohol without Liquid
Which creature took a starring role in 'Jaws'? taxcollector
Dr. Banner is the alter-ego of which comic book hero? bugs bunny
The terms curd and whey are associated with making what? milkyway
Who felt 'Good Vibrations' in 1966? england team
What name did Tom Hanks give to his volleyball companion in the film `Cast Away`? bouncy
What is the common name for decompression sickness, a condition experienced by divers? bubbles
With which sport do you associate `Flushing Meadow`? Grousing
What cocktail consists of Tia Maria, Vodka and Coke? iced tea
What was the painter Constable`s first name? police
In what sport is the `Fosbury flop` technique used? high dive
What is deoxyribonucleic acid better known as? soda
The Pied Piper was called in to Hamelin to deal with what problem? pies
Who wrote `Ulysses` and `A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man`? wayne rooney
In what sport would you compete for the `Silver Broom`? Quidditch
On the football field, how was Edson Arantes do Nascimento better known? eddie
In Roald Dahl`s novel `The BFG`, what do the letters BFG stand for? big fat giant
Under what name did Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov become better known? vlad
What is the collective name for Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La La and Po? Spice Girls
What in radio is FM? fried meat
What name is given in Rugby Union, to the middle man in the front row of a set scrum? fool
Who was the police officer in the cartoon series 'Top Cat'? tom cruise
Which biblical book comes before Ephesians? god knows
Who played SPECTRE agent Ernest Blofeld in the film You Only Live Twice? tin tin
Who was the first British woman to go into space? mary poppins
What are baby squirrels called? babies
What are baby squirrels called? speedbumps
What is the French for 'leg of lamb'? pie de lamb
What grows in paddy fields? paddies
What was the bionic dog called in 'The Six Million Dollar Man'? Bullion
Who was the Greek goddess of chastity? belt
The study of skulls is called what? skullogy
Who did Francis Gumm become? francis drake
Who is Snoopy's brother? puppy
Which is the largest of the three Great Pyramids of Egypt? dave
What was William F. Cody's nickname? will
What was the name of the ship that took the Pilgrim Fathers to America? titanic
What is Latin for 'wood'? plank
In what does an archer carry his arrows? hand
What is the name of a pregnant goldfish? blubber
What is the name of a pregnant goldfish? fat
Who was the Roman god for sleep? a hammer
What is the wild dog of Australia? sheila
What is the name of the pig in the book 'Animal Farm'? piggy
Who was 'Mommie Dearest'? me nan
What is a baby seal called? ceiling
Who composed The Planets? Big Bang
In Lord of the Rings where does Boromir come from? surrey
The condition of seasonal allergic rhinitis is better known by what name? runny nose
What is the term for a squirrel's home? nuthouse
Who thought that everyone would be famous for 15 minutes? hollywood
What does a tegestologist collect? roof tiles
In the film Fantasia, who plays the part of the sorcerers apprentice? maggie thatcher
Who is the current President of Russia? french
What was Mahatma Gandhi's first name? mr
What was Cary Grant's real name? mae west
What is Englands highest mountain? dolly parton
Sulphur was once known as what kind of stone? rubble
What is the Latin name for the common weed Dandelion? Dandelious Lioness
Which breed of Goat do we get mohair from? hairy
Who changed his name to Yusef Islam? george bush
Who wrote the book Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Posh Spice
Which breed of Goat do we get mohair from? labrador
Soiless agriculture is called what? mud
Norma Jean Baker was famously known as who? sex appeal
The largest portion of Yellowstone National Park is in which American State? kent
What do you call someone who breeds silk worms? breeder
What do you called someone who breeds silk worms? sad
What material did the Ancient Egyptians use as paper? stone